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It’s only in a relationship with Jesus that we find Hope: the confident expectation of a better tomorrow based on the character and promises of God.

We believe a relationship with Jesus changes everything. It changes us, our families, our occupations, and even the world. We’re a community of men, women, and students who have embraced the hope that Jesus offers, who live out that hope in our daily lives, and share that hope with a world that needs it now more than ever.

Current Series

DATE: May 19 through June 9

Messy Church: The Choices We Make When Things Get Tough

The church is not a building or a cause. It’s a group of imperfect people coming together to follow the one perfect Person, and it’s not always easy. When things get tough, we have choices to make about the kind of people we will be. What would it look like to be a church defined by healing, not hiding? By courage, not comfort? And by growth, not grudges?

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The Hope Center exists to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to a broken world. Those of us who have experienced the hope of God are compelled and delighted to share this hope with others.

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