One Night

January 27

Join HopeCo Women’s Ministry for an evening gathering on Friday, January 27, at 7:00pm.

One Conference

March 11
You’re invited to our annual women’s conference taking place on March 11. We are so excited for this year’s theme called FOUND. In Psalm 139, we are reminded that God has already known us. No matter where we go or where we find ourselves, He is there! So often, the enemy wants us to believe we’ve done too much or believed the lie that he doesn’t have a plan or purpose for our lives. We want to invite you to journey with us as we uncover the things that are holding us back, the lies we believe and discover what God has waiting for us.

No Regrets Conference

Saturday, February 4th, at 8am
Each day presents circumstances that cause us to lose our hope and courage. David the Psalmist stated long ago: “He alone is our rock, our salvation and our fortress.” Jesus is the solid ground. Knowing Him is the answer to life’s greatest challenges. Join the men of The Hope Collective on Saturday, February 4th, at 8am where together we will explore exactly how to build your life on the solid foundation of God and His Word.

Transform Your Conversation

Sunday, February 26
5:30P – 8:30P

Transform Your Conversations (With Empathy) is a three-hour training that will equip you with the practical tools you need in order to care for others through connection. With a trauma-informed, biblically sound, and spirit-filled perspective, you’ll learn how empathy can be used powerfully and when it can become toxic. You’ll also discover how to let go of the pressure to fix people and instead get curious about who those are and what God might be doing in their stories.

Poverty Simulation

February 25

Could you survive a month in poverty? What would you do if you had to choose between rent and medicine, utilities and food, gas in your car or daycare bills? Join the Hope Center on February 25 from 4-6 PM for an innovative, first-hand experience of what it’s like to live in poverty.