Hope Co. Youth is about the next generation sharing hope to the world. We engage students every Wednesday night in a way that is relevant and inspiring to them. These nights consist of both Middle School and High School students gathering from 7pm-9pm to hang out, play games, laugh a ton, worship together, hear a message and spend time in Hope Groups. Hope Groups are broken up by grade which provides students a more diverse understanding of the topics we talk about. These nights are pivotal for your student to find community and take steps to owning their faith! 


HCY GROUPS [new for 2020]

With the many ways you or your student can be part of YTH this fall, Hope Groups are the foundation of how we believe community is done. These groups happen weekly in designated homes based on grade to experience a time to connect, without it feeling forced or overwhelming. Where you can talk about your week, share similar life experiences, laugh a ton, and eat some food. And most importantly, have moments to talk about faith in a way that is relevant and engaging. This is for both High School and Middle School students.  

If you’re wondering what HOPECOYTH is doing, questioning if you missed something, or need reminders for what’s happening, the solution is simple! Text the word “HOPECOYOUTH” to “97000”, click the link you receive and let us know who you are!