Join Us This Christmas

We invite you to celebrate with The Hope Collective as we “Remember Christmas.” Carols, a reading of the Christmas story, and a message from Lead Pastor Dave Mudd will remind us of the hope that arrived on Christmas Day.

This year, we are asking everyone who plans to attend one of our Christmas services on Wednesday, December 23 or Thursday, December 24 to register in advance and review the Covid Gathering Guidelines below.







  • We have installed a UV Light air purification system on our HVAC system.
  • We have upgraded to HEPA air filters. These have high efficiency particle absorbing properties and will take the place of standard paper air filters.
  • We have also installed an industrial grade SAO dispenser and will be using this product to sanitize all facility surfaces- including floor and work surfaces, door knobs, and furniture- before, in between, and after all services and events taking place in our facility.
  • We will be removing some seats from the auditorium to increase the amount of space between individuals during service.
  • Because of the limited auditorium seating, we will be opening space in the gym for an overflow experience, with the same distanced protocol for seating.
  • We will not be serving coffee or donuts during any of our Christmas services, so we encourage you to bring your own if desired.
  • We ask that all in attendance wear a mask while moving throughout the building. If your reservation is in the auditorium, you may remove your mask when you are at your seat. If your reservation is in the gym, we ask that you leave your mask on for the entirety of the service.

When people think of Advent, they often think of picking chocolate from behind the window of a countdown calendar. But the word advent actually comes from the Latin adventus, which simply means arrival. Advent is the coming- the arrival- of the presence of God Himself through Jesus.
For hundreds of years, followers of Jesus have set aside the four weeks leading up to Christmas as a meaningful season of anticipation and celebration.
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