About Us

Hope / the confident expectation of a better tomorrow

Collective / something done by people acting as a group

The Hope Collective is not a place. We are a group of people coming together to experience and share the HOPE of Jesus with the world.

How do we do it?

We gather to glorify, rallying at the end of the week to celebrate who God is and what He’s done in and through us.

Join us on-campus or online each Sunday for our gatherings and keep the conversation going during the week with discussion questions and follow-up resources.

We group to grow, knowing that real change doesn’t happen without real relationships.

Community is a space where you can get to know others, be known yourself, and help one another hear the voice of Jesus. To find your community, click below.

We go fight giants, joining God on his mission to right the wrongs of injustice in all its forms.

To find your fight, click below.

Ready to Learn More?

Watch the one-hour conversation we wish we could have with everyone getting to know The Hope Collective.