In Feb 2013, after 20 years in worship and youth ministry, Dave Mudd accepted the role of Lead Pastor at Alpine Chapel completely unaware of the wild adventure God had prepared them for.

With a heart for the hope and justice of Jesus to set God’s people free so all can be free, The Hope Collective (formerly Alpine Chapel) was born October 4th, 2020. We long to be a church that isn’t a geographical location where individuals gather once a week but a collective…INDIVIDUALS fighting as a GROUP everyday. Hope, a confident expectation of a better tomorrow based on the character and promises of God, fuels this movement that the Church isn’t merely a place but something WE ARE…a collective of his hope and justice.

Dave and his wife Natalie are happily married and have 4 kids, Alexia, Cayden, Alivia and Paxton.


To live with Hope is to defiantly hold to the coming kingdom despite what we see today. We hope not just for the future but for the future to invade our everyday. As we collectively hold to hope, we will let hope rise from the ashes of our own story to tell the story of how our broken lives are being made beautiful in the story of Jesus.

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