Dave Mudd

Lead Pastor


Forty years ago, our church was started by a handful of people dreaming around a table. They saw a small piece of land that they could build that dream on, but God had even bigger plans. Seventeen acres which we now call The Hope Collective is home to that dream.

Now, God is planting the next part of the dream in our hearts, building on that dream shared around a table so many years ago. Tables are places where people are seen and heard. They’re places where the Holy Spirit works and God’s transforming power is on display. Now more than ever, people need to be invited to the table. We have the opportunity to share hope with those who need it most, but we need bigger tables.

It’s time to GIVE HOPE.

OUR primary goal

100% Engagement! As The Hope Collective, we commit to taking our generosity to the NEXT LEVEL by experiencing and providing for others what Jesus gave to the people who sat at His tables.

OUR Secondary goal

We’ve asked God to show us what kind of impact He wants to make over the next two years through us. We believe He has identified three areas of Kingdom impact where bigger tables can be built. We are trusting Him to move through His people and others in our community to invest $11.1 million over these next two years to accomplish the vision He has given us.


Two Year

As you pray about how God would ask you to give during this time, use this gift chart as a tool. Allow it to inspire and challenge you towards greater generosity as we embark on building bigger tables together.

Here’s Dave and Natalie Mudd sharing how to use the Commitment Card resource as a tool for spiritual growth as make our GIVE HOPE Commitments.