Radical Redirection

Radically Redirected Prayer

A radically redirected heart is one that desires to draw close to God, resulting in a whole life that revolves around fulfilling that desires.

Father, may the deepest desire of my heart be to draw closer to you. Even as the world attempts to pull me away, may your Holy Spirit always draw me back to you. May each choice that I make in life be surrendered to your will and leading. Teach me to love what you love. Help me to be an example to others, not letting fear, pride, or selfishness hinder the change and growth that you have in store for me. I pray, too, for my church family at The Hope Collective. Work in the hearts of my brothers and sisters at HopeCo, that we may live as new creations in Jesus. As iron sharpens iron, help us to learn from each other and encourage one another. Father, prepare the hearts of those who need to hear about the HOPE you offer through your promises. Help us, your people, to be confident in this HOPE and surrendered to the leading of your Spirit that we may share the Good News with courage and love. Thank you for allowing me to join you where you are at work. Let me see what you want me to see, hear what you want me to hear, and be open to the good work that you have started in me and promised to complete.