Shepherding the Heart
“Shepherding the Heart” is HopeCo’s twice-annual leadership training workshop. Whether you are a HopeCo ministry leader or a volunteer who just wants to love people better, “Shepherding the Heart” will introduce you to the power of personal connection, good listening skills, and transformational questions. You’ll learn and practice coaching skills in real time, all with the goal of leading people into God’s future for them.


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Transform Your Conversations

Do you ever feel stuck when someone shares something difficult with you and you just don’t know what to say?

Do your go-to responses boil down to either trying to fix people or rushing on to the next topic?

When it comes to transformative conversations, the right question can change everything! We don’t need to fix anyone. All we need is to be curious about what God may be doing in the other person’s life.

Sunday, May 7
5:30P – 8:30P