Peg's Place

About Peg’s Place

The Hope Collective believes everyone belongs and we are passionate about reaching the underserved community of people and families impacted by disability. We believe that inclusion benefits everyone, and we love to see kids of all abilities playing and having fun together.

Peg’s Place exists because of the heart and vision of Nurse Peggie Britcliffe, a woman who loved and cared for kids with disabilities. So many shared in Peggie’s vision and helped bring it to life, including The Hope Collective, local businesses, like-minded organizations, and hundreds of individual donors.

Peggie Britcliffe 

Peggie was born November 8, 1934, in Wrawby, North Lincolnshire, England.  She was a 1952 graduate from Nursing School in England and worked as a midwife. Upon leaving England, Peggie first joined her sister in Toronto for a brief time, before settling and making her home in Chicago.

Peggie was a graduate of Chicago Bible College in 1964 She never married, but as an RN devoted her life to caring for others, finding her hearts passion in caring for children with disabilities. Peggie worked with these children until she retired at 78. Peggie kept in touch with many of the children who are now adults.

Peggie went to live with her Lord and Savior Jesus on June 8, 2019. Peggie wanted to continue blessing her favorite children. Peggie’s trust was foundational in building this all-inclusive playground. Oh, what joy it would bring her to see these children playing without any restrictions. Thank you, Peggie!

Partner with Peg’s Place
Peg’s Place construction and maintenance is made possible through community donors like you! You can partner with our vision of inclusivity below.
The Hope Collective desires to partner with families impacted by disabilities through our Access Ministries, as well as our Buddy Break respite opportunities.